Is high tech a tool of the devil?

Technology can be used well

By Stan Florez

Some Christians claim all this high tech stuff (Internet, iPods, Wii’s, texting, etc.) is nothing more than a tool of the devil. This is really nothing new. I remember my grandfather telling me that watching our new “color TV” was going to blind me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was already going deaf listing to “The Lawrence Welk Show” with him on his old black and white. I guess it’s how you look at it.

Today’s primary way of communicating is with texting, blogs, chat lines, facebook, Myspace, etc. Some people shun these methods but I see them as a great place to share your faith and be a witness for Christ. A few years ago I discovered a Web site created for those who grew up in this old mining town known as “Ajo.” Anyone who lived there or continues to live there can log on and chat about things we have in common. It is “so cool” because I have reconnected with many of my classmates and even become friends with the older and younger generations from that town. This would not have been possible a few years ago, if not for the high tech and the Internet.

I now stay in contact with many hometown friends even though they are scattered throughout the country. One particular friend comes to mind. He goes by the screen name “Atheist.” It’s no secret what he believes – or should I say “doesn’t believe.” We have become good Internet friends and we go around and around regarding faith and Christianity. Many of our other friends comment and many more log on just to see what’s being debated. It is clear by the number of hits that people or very interested. My last post with Atheist went something like this:

Atheist: “Honestly, how many blind people have you seen healed, disabled people walking, skin diseases healed, deaf people able to hear, and how about an amputee growing a new limb?”

Me: “My dear lost unbelieving friend, God continues to do miracles today but in the near future the world will witness these and many other mega-miracles once again. And many will believe…or should I say, be deceived! In the End Times the Bible says, ‘false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect’ (Matt 24:3-25). If we are getting close to the ‘End Times,’ and I believe we are, I hope and pray you won’t be around to see those signs and wonders. Hopefully you will fly in the air and capture the Rapture!”

I am sure my unbelieving friend and I will continue our conversation and others will check in from time to time. My hope and prayer is to one day make a believer out of an Atheist. So is this high tech stuff a tool from the devil? I guess it’s all on how you use it. I am grateful to have this opportunity to stay in contact with my friends. I am even more grateful to have a way to introduce them to my best friend, Jesus. (John 15:12-17). Oh, by the way…what the heck is Twitter?

See you in church!

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