Letter to the editor: Reader thankful for care given to dog

You should know about the wonderful care my dog has been getting from Dr. Dennette Wood and her staff in Buckley.

My dog Toby is a pug-Chihuahua mix. He is very strong and has never wanted to be doctored. Just try to touch his ears and see. He recently had a severe ear infection but wouldn’t let me touch him. Dr. Wood said they would take care of him for me. All I had to do was bring him in the morning and the evening to receive his medicine. All the gals there were so kind and helpful, I felt totally relieved about his care. It’s almost been two weeks and he is so much better. I am overjoyed and did I tell you? They didn’t charge me a thing.

So, thank you Dr. Wood and all of the great ladies that work for you – Kim, Cheri, Sarah, Chancee, Stacey and Jodee. I greatly appreciate your time and patience with my little Toby and I’m sure he does too.

Barb Slack