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There are any number of criminal acts, from petty to horrific, that I know I will never understand but senseless acts of vandalism of public property leave me both baffled and furious. I was faced with one such act today.

  • Tuesday, July 7, 2009 3:41am
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Artwork was not placed at trail

to be vandalized

There are any number of criminal acts, from petty to horrific, that I know I will never understand but senseless acts of vandalism of public property leave me both baffled and furious. I was faced with one such act today.

For more than five years a special committee within the Enumclaw Garden Club has been researching public art and local artists, as well as doing major fundraising to purchase a piece of art that would be gifted to the city of Enumclaw for the community to enjoy. The work of that committee came to fruition less than one week ago when a beautiful garden arbor was installed on the Foothills Trail just south of Warner. It was such an exciting day to watch this arbor being set onto the concrete pads and anchored securely in place. Walkers, with and without dogs, walkers with babies in strollers, bike riders and joggers joined the many garden club members and the artist that morning to admire this beautiful addition to the trail.

Today, less than one week after the installation, as I sat at the arbor with an out-of-town friend, I realized that some thoughtless person(s) had already found a way to begin destroying this piece of artwork. One of the leaves has been broken off exposing a shiny and unfortunately a sharp edge. The artist, Alberto Croppi, had told us that he had done everything within his power to create a safe and durable structure as well as something aesthetically pleasing for the community. But he also warned us that acts of vandalism can still happen.

Naively, I was sure that no one would purposefully destroy what others have worked so hard to provide for the community. I was wrong. I truly hope that that one leaf will be the only part of the arbor that will be touched maliciously. In addition I hope that everyone who enjoys the trail and all that it has to offer will keep a vigilant watch. I know that Enumclaw Garden Club members are watching but we can’t be there every minute of the day and night. Help us put a stop to the destruction so that others can enjoy the trail and the newly installed arbor.

Diane Franchini

Enumclaw Garden Club Special Arts Project member

Rate payers shouldn’t foot bill for city

I was angry when I read the article in the June 17, 2009, Courier-Herald about the city raising our rates for solid waste disposal.

We had an increase in 2008, now 2009 and possibly 2010. I know the cost of everything is going up but when the city does a $45,000 remodel on a conference room then asks for a rate increase, something is wrong. I can’t believe the remodel was a necessity. Shouldn’t our city be more fiscally responsible and forego remodels in this tough economic climate? I don’t feel it is appropriate for the city to ask us to pay for an increase in rates then turn around and spend our tax dollars unnecessarily.

Nancy Wieland


The stench and dairy products go together

As a local dairy farmer I would like to respond to “Area’s aroma not inviting to everyone” complaint (Courier-Herald, July 1). Thank you for acknowledging that farms are needed and are part of the community. After all, logging and dairy farming is what helped build this community generations before us.

Due to the fact that most dairy farms in the community are not located within the city limits, not sure why or how you would like the chamber of commerce to help you in your unpleasant dining situation. As for the “foul-smelling poop” you can thank your local Department of Ecology office. Farmers were required to build lagoons to hold manure or be fined per month. Therefore we are only allowed to pump manure within a time frame that the Department of Ecology gives us. So sorry for the “gawd-awful stench.” If you have an idea and the money to neutralize the “foul-smelling poop” please feel free to let us know.

Try and remember the next time you sit down at a meal and either drink a glass of milk, put butter on your toast, eat a toasted cheese sandwich, put sour cream on your baked potato or enjoy a bowl of ice cream that the “gawd-awful stench that plagues our beautiful city” is partly responsible.

Christi DeGroot


Those smelly dairies put food on table

I am appalled and outraged about the letter written about the foul odors wafting through our town.

Perhaps Mr. Griffin forgot that when he moved to this town, it was built on the premise of being a dairy farming community. We are lucky that this smell is still in our town because in this terrible economy many farmers are finding it difficult to keep their farms afloat and we should all be happy to smell the success for the few farmers we are fortunate enough to still have in our community.

How perhaps would you propose that we rid our town of the smell? I would love to hear your ideas, I am sure they would work so very well. It is just ludicrous to live in a dairy farming town and then ask the farmers to come up with ways to make the smell go away.

Perhaps if you do not have plans to relocate then you should just live here in our town and be happy that the dairies around here are still functioning and know to them that smell means that their bills are paid and there is food on the table for their families. So next time you sit down to a meal and are unhappy with the aroma please realize that the local farms probably provided products that are sure to be sitting on your table.

Jennifer Dodge


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