Letters to the Editor Candidate says residents should be concerned

Re: Patson appointed to Buckley City Council (Courier-Herald, May 13)

I had no plans to respond except to personally congratulate your reporter, John Leggett, on a well-written article regarding the process and its participants. But a rehash of events and what others have told me prompted me to reply.

I do congratulate the newest council member on her appointment. It would have been a more hearty congrats had she attended some City Council meetings and committee meetings so she was aware of the amount of effort it requires to be something other than a solid “rubber stamp” for the executive’s agenda.

It came as no surprise that the vote went as it did, as I knew there were two votes I could not expect because of my verbal complaints to the mayor about those council members’ ethical lapses. I was somewhat surprised at who did and didn’t support my candidacy.

But I do have a question. The policy calls for the candidates to give a presentation prior to questioning. This did not happen, though Mr. Howard and myself came prepared. Was it just coincidence that the winning candidate, who I was told had been recruited by the mayor, drew the first slot so the mayor could plead that it was an oversight when it did not happen?

The secrecy and scripted confusion with which the last budget was prepared. The mayor’s response when I informed her I was going to apply for the next council opening tell me things are not going well at City Hall. Does the mayor not want me on the City Council? All tax and utilities payers in Buckley should be very concerned by those circumstances.

Marvin Sundstrom