Letters to the Editor City did great job of putting on the fair

Kudos for a great fair!

  • Friday, July 31, 2009 1:56pm
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Kudos for a great fair!

For the very short amount of time Enumclaw had to put the fair together, Joan Lewis and her staff did a marvelous job. What a smart idea for free admission. This allowed a whole lot of people to enjoy the fair experience. I wonder how many families came back for a second day of fun because of free admission? I know I brought my niece and nephew two days and to quote my 13-year-old nephew, “This is the best fair I’ve been to. It has a little bit of everything!”

The only negative thing about the fair was the extremely high price of the rides. If Funtastic lowered their prices, more people would be able to afford the rides, increasing their fair fun.

I hope our esteemed King County executive sees the fair as valuable entertainment (not to mention the history of the fair) and continues to provide funding for it. This was a good start to bringing the fair back to its former glory.

Nancy Wieland


Voter hopes public will

be informed

I have never been into politics much, but I do care and I do vote. I just get so tired of the negative campaigning that many politicians seem to enjoy.

I would like to think that our community is above that sort of thing. I guess I am wrong. I am very disappointed in some of the tactics being used by those trying to oust Enumclaw’s mayor. The extremely slanted stories and accusations are ridiculous and so nonproductive. I hope the public will ask questions and seek out answers to all sides so that informed decisions can be made. Don’t just believe one side of the story.

Peggy Wenham


Pay attention to those at public parks

When you visit Mount Rainier this summer, be aware of the people around you – as it’s going to get dangerous to visit the park.

The NRA (No Reasoning Association), in conjunction with their Repugnican lackeys, have just made it legal – with some (impractical) caveats – to bring guns into the national parks. As there already are guns brought illegally into the national parks, (by, of course, bad guys only) it seems a bit irrational to add more guns to the mix. But that is what is being done. So if you note an angry red-faced idiot arguing about anything do not offer to help. Leave. When running into another backpacker in the back country, do not stop and say hello. In a campground try to put your tent behind your car, or behind a tree. I would suggest you leave your kids at home, as the mountain It is now too dangerous for them – you don’t want them being “protected” by gun nuts – and thereby either being hurt or watching you get hurt.

I bring this up as my wife and I spent several summers at a fire lookout in the national forest, where guns and hunting are allowed, so got to deal with guns, hunters and drunk hunters – not a pleasant situation. Two of my stepsons, together with me, were shot over – and those bees do not sound friendly. Several times up there we began the season by replacing the shot-out windows of the lookout. I once had a couple of idiots who showed up with rifles or shotguns – I can’t tell the difference – they’re both machines designed for killing – the idiots began shouldering through a crowd of people visiting the mountaintop. I immediately confronted them, asked what they were doing, was told hunting, I replied not here not today – look around you, who are you gonna bag? Very angrily they left – because they couldn’t shoot anyone? And we want to add this type of action to Mount Rainier? Of course, there’s no hunting in the national parks – wink wink, nudge – but how long will it be before the reports begin coming in – “Gee I thought it was a T Rex so I shot it,” “I’m sorry I shot your car, etc., etc., etc.” “ That bear was determined to get me but I got it first” – that “bear” was running away, you didn’t notice the bear’s rear had no teeth? And looked way more like a porcupine?

Thank you NRA and Repugnicans. So very much.

Dan Scribner


Private sector should retain health care

President Barack Hussein Obama has taken numerous shots at this country. The latest institution that President Obama has in his sights is the health care industry – the health care system that does have some problems but is, by far, the best health care system of the world. Our health care system is the system that people from other nations flock to for top quality health care. Our health care system is the system that provides cancer patients a far better chance of survival than any other health care system in the world.President Obama went to the Democrat playbook and called the U.S. health care system a “crisis.” Then, they come up with some arbitrary number of people that are uninsured (I think the latest number is 45 million). Very predictable. It was even more predictable when President Obama and his lemmings brought out the woe is me “victims” of the U.S. health care system that told their tale of woe. Then, they lay a guilt trip on you, accusing you of not paying your fair share of taxes to these people.

What they didn’t do is bring out the million or so success stories of this country’s health care system for every tale of woe. What they did not tell you is that many of these people that have a tale of woe have made pee-poor decisions in their life which caused them to have bad experiences in life. Or, that many of the uninsured are illegal aliens from Mexico that are using the emergency rooms as their health care provider at taxpayer expense. Or, that many pregnant illegal Mexicans are coming across the border and giving birth to their anchor baby at taxpayers’ expense. Or, that many uninsured are young, single people that choose to be uninsured.

What they did not tell you is that government involvement has caused costs to skyrocket. What they did not tell you is that if you currently have private insurance or employer provided insurance, it will either be taxed, or it will be converted to the government-run insurance. What they don’t tell you is that every person that has a life-threatening situation will be treated by an emergency room, despite being covered by insurance or not.

They also don’t tell you that upwards of 80 to 90 percent of Americans are covered by private insurance and are happy with their insurance. But that doesn’t matter, President Obama wants to throw the baby out with the bath water. A typical liberal. President Obama thinks he can do it better than liberals in Canada, England and Europe, which there is overwhelming evidence that government-run health care or government-run health care insurance, is a complete failure. And, instead of 10 to 20 percent of the citizens not happy with the health care industry, he wants to make everyone equally miserable with the health care industry. What they did not tell you is that if this horrendous legislation passes, we now have 45 million more people being treated by the same number of doctors. What they did not tell you is that many doctors will retire because their income will be slashed and that they will encourage kids not to get into the medical field that will quickly be ruined by Obamacare. What they don’t tell you is the waiting lines that exist in countries that have health care systems that President Obama wants this country to switch to.

The private sector has long proven to be the best for health care. Please contact Sens. Murray and Cantwell and tell them to oppose Obamacare. And since Rep. Dave Reichert has proven himself to be unreliable in crucial votes, call him and tell him to oppose Obamacare. You and your family’s health depends on it. Obamacare will lie while innocent people die. Hell no, we won’t go, to Obamacare.

J. Buss


Hospital applauded for care, service

I have just spent 10 days in Enumclaw Regional Hospital for knee replacement surgery.

I wanted to say what a wonderful hospital we have here in Enumclaw. I couldn’t have had better care anywhere as I did here. I was in the hospital care section for three days and then transferred to their “Swing Bed” disability care for seven days, which meant you might be put in a different room further down the hall but still had nursing care, just not the more critical care of having your blood pressure and temperature taken every few hours. I was then put in the care of Susan Lewis, the physical therapist at the hospital. She had me well on my way to recovery before I was sent home.

I can’t say enough good about the nursing staff and care that they give you; the maintenance ladies, who clean up after you; the food staff who come a couple times a day to take your food order and then bring your food. By the way, the food was excellent.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the good, friendly care I received. Also thanks to my wonderful surgeon, Dr. David Bishop. This is my second knee surgery with Dr. Bishop and the other one turned out well as I’m sure this one will also.

We are so fortunate to have such a good hospital in our town with such good staff to run it. We look forward to the new hospital. I’m sure it will be extra special, too.

You all have my gratitude for the wonderful care I received.

Rose Lovegren


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