Letters to the Editor Healthcare will enslave next generation

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” spoken by Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff. President Obama referred to United States healthcare as a crisis of epic proportions. A Zogby Poll found that 84 percent of the Americans, including 46 percent without health care insurance, are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with healthcare they receive. Could the “crisis” be manufactured by the administration, Congress and the fawning media toadies?

Congressional members tout the 2006 Massachusetts’ healthcare reform (signed by the former Gov. Mitt Rommey, Republican) as being one to implement nationally. Scrutiny proves this a poor plan. According to the CATO Institute, statistics of the aforementioned program mandate “every (state) resident have a minimum amount of health insurance” under penalty – loss of individual’s person exemption from state income tax. Financially the Massachusetts’ plan costs the state (taxpayers) $16,897 for a family of four as compared to $12,700 nationally (CATO Institute). The program costs have raised 7 to 12 percent annually since inception. Does this look like an exemplary model to implement on a national scale?

Douglas Elemendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, estimates the present House Healthcare bill would cost “more than $1.2 trillion to cover 97 percent of the Americans by 2015. This on top of a $800-plus billion bailout passed last spring and another bailout being bantered about. Who’s footing this tax bill? The greedy rich? Not for long! The “golden goose” can only provide so much then it’s us, our children and grandchildren.

The prohibitive costs of the proposed healthcare programs will enslave the next generations ad infinitum. This near 17 percent of the total economy designated for a medical entitlement will never decrease. In the hands