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Columnist should stick with what he knows best

I have to give Wally DuChateau credit for writing the funniest of his four columns I have ever read. I didn’t realize he was into comedy writing. I guess Wally seriously thinks the Republicans are actually worried that this Democrat-voting liberal is somehow turned off by Republicans. Oh, harumph!

In true liberal form Wally brings up the topic of “birthers.”  This effort in distraction is easily refuted by asking this simple question. “Hey Wally, who first brought up the issue of Obama’s birthplace?” The Tea Party people? No. The Republicans? No. Would it surprise you that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign was the first group to bring up the birth certificate issue and questioning Obama’s true place of birth? The Republicans don’t press that issue. But in all seriousness, isn’t it a Constitutional mandate that the president be born in the United States? And since President Obama has not provided a valid birth certificate and has paid millions to defend against requests seeking copies of his birth certificate, doesn’t that raise suspicions with you? Of course not; the Constitution only matters about topics you care about, right?  What if Donald Trump is right about Obama pulling off the greatest political scam ever in regards to getting into the White House despite not being born in this country?

Wally, name three local Republicans you have voted for and three national level Republicans you have voted for. Since you have been voting since 1992, you must have voted for dozens of candidates and since you are an “independent” this should be an easy request.

As far as Obamacare and public opinion. Poll after poll shows the public is against Obamacare. I guess the general public is pretty wise and realizes that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to force citizens to purchase a product or service from a private entity. But, once again, you won’t let the Constitution get in the way, will you? Plus, the average citizen realizes whenever the government sticks its finger in the national healthcare pie, healthcare seems to get worse and worse. But with liberals like you, results don’t matter, it is the good intentions that count. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, Wally.

Since the Republicans alienate you, Wally, do the Democrats do anything to alienate you? Let me run this by you, big guy. Topic: this current budget battle mess. Does it disturb you that the Democrats refused to pass a budget in 2010 because it was an election year but they vilify the Republicans for trying to pass a budget this year? They spent like crazy, but they didn’t pass a budget because they didn’t want the voters to see their excessive spending. But the Republicans try to cut at least one drop in the budget bucket and they are called “draconian.” And, does it disturb you that the Democrats refused to pass a Republican-sponsored bill that would guarantee that U.S. military members would still get paid even if there was a government shutdown? Why do the Democrats hate the military Wally? Why do Democrats want to ensure the military doesn’t get paid after they ensure the government shuts down? Obama called this bill a distraction. Is it a distraction to make sure our sailors and soldiers get paid during a government shutdown? I guess that type of politics doesn’t alienate a hypocrite. Why the hate?

Wally, I am sure you are a nice guy, just misguided. But stick to writing about hanging out in bars and do us all a favor: don’t vote anymore and don’t write about politics.

J. Buss


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