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Reader believes the American Empire on verge of collapse

I enjoy Wally DuChateau’s column when he discusses politics or history. I can agree with his Aug. 24 comments on the state of affairs, but I honestly believe that the American Empire will collapse in my lifetime – becoming at least two and possibly as many as five separate nations, possibly independent but more likely occupied by other expanding empires or former occupants. Current events and American history validate this assertion. I don’t mean to play the prophet of doom or see myself  in a robe, sandals, and a tricorn hat standing on a street corner with a bullhorn shouting “repent, the end is near,” but in as few words as possible of as few syllables as possible, for the benefit of our worldwide readership, permit me to cite recent events and historic parallels.

I sometimes feel that no one actually understands either myself or Mr. DuChateau.

Before Congress went on vacation, they approved a debt limit increase.  They did not authorize funds for airport improvements. The president and two unnamed senators made a “pro forma” authorization. In theory, this expenditure needs authorization when Congress reconvenes.

Since the Congressional recess began, $105 million was authorized for famine relief for the starving wives and children of Somali pirates and $27 million was authorized for new stairwells in the Statue of Liberty. Libyan rebels suddenly have tons of weaponry and air support. A relatively small change item is the new gateway to Mount Rainier National Park. Everyone concerned has gotten their government check. That wad is about shot.

I suspect that much noise will be made to finance public works project repairs to earthquake-damaged monuments and buildings that many of us in the west, myself included, have never seen. Jose, can you see Rome crumbling? By the way, what did that new MLK statue cost?

Space doesn’t permit great detail, but nullification as currently associated with health care bears a strong resemblance to nullification issues associated with tariffs during the 1828-36 Jackson administration. In both cases states held that a state could ignore a federal mandate if the state so voted. There were banking and currency issues also, eventually superceded by the Federal Reserve system.

The so-called super committee to devise a debt reduction plan is an idea that was tried before in 1850. A committee of 13 was formed to deal with slave state/free state issues regarding territory acquired in the Mexican War. Their plan, designed to be accepted in its entirety, was broken down into separate parts and debated and modified. I suspect something similar will occur with the current committee, but the automatic cuts will still kick in. With debts of 16 figures and counting, default and bankruptcy are inevitable. I’m inclined to support cutting up the credit cards and getting it over with. People will be hurt and things will be broken, but it’s destiny.

The RINO Republicans, moderates of both parties, blue dog Democrats, and other such politicians are the modern equivalent of conscientious Whigs or Cotton Whigs, Free Soil, slave or anti-slave Democrats, and politicians of that era. We know where that went. Before the next election, we will see budget cuts and union protests, escalating to riots and beyond. Besides fighting among ourselves, the armies of foreign creditors will annex territory which the U.S. will probably surrender with all its citizens and their entitlements to shed their debt and keep the mayhem to a minimum.

In the meantime, get ready to welcome the Afghan collaborators and their wives who follow our army home. This has happened in every war since 1950. Throw in some Japanese nuclear plant refugees.

Finally, I don’t quote scripture, but for those so inclined, I suggest pondering and interpreting Isaiah Chapters 29 and 30 and Proverbs 20:18. Put that in your pope – I mean pipe – and smoke it.

Edward Neil


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