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Mainstream media won, the United States lost

November 28, 2012 · 12:23 PM

Rich Elfers’ “In Focus” column on Nov. 21 stated several times how Obama was “masterful at pointing out” this and that about Romney and “very effective in framing Governor Romney.” The fatal things that happened to Mr. Romney  were a result of how “masterful” and “very effective” the media was in conjunction with Obama and the progressive/socialists in “framing” Mr. Romney.

The progressive/socialists and the media, in lock step, armed with packaged talking points, “framed” Mr. Romney with how evil successful businessmen like Romney are in America. The media bought it, sold it and just like a meth drug dealer, not giving a damn, the result of the sale.

And what did the media tell us about Obama? It’s all good! Yep! Four more years of this and everything will be wonderful.

Mr. Elfers’ column stated, “In the presidential elections, facts don’t matter much, except to the political junkies who know the truth.”

I agree. Facts can get bothersome to those ignorant voters. Yep! The best purveyor of lies wins.

A much larger portion of Republicans are political junkies (“who know the truth”) than any portion of Democrat voters. The very few Democrat voters I encountered in the last six weeks had zero knowledge of current events like Fast and Furious or what happened in Benghazi.

Had these very big screw-ups been on a Republicans watch, the media would have pounded the Republicans day after day until someone resigned. On either of these deadly screw-ups, the media would have aimed for the head and head only in demanding resignations. But it’s Obama in charge, so it’s all OK.

Well, the election is over and the people who didn’t “know the truth” voted to give four more years to Obama and his socialist Marxist in the White House. With help from fellow progressive/socialist in the Senate, all will give their best second effort to move forward as fast as possible to change America from a capitalist country into a socialist or Marxist country.

The facts are out there to prove my point. The regular media has been completely successful in burying facts they don’t like. It worked. And they won. America lost!

Hard-working businessmen and their employees built America. Big government progressives will have four more years to destroy it. Then hard-working businessmen and their employees will rebuild it.

With promised higher taxes it will be tough because it takes business owners money to get business growing and increase hiring. Everyone who believes government spending will fix this is a fool.

It’s going to be a tough next five-plus years but I’m hoping with God’s help America can pull this one out.

God bless America. Please!

Ted DeVol



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