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I would like to put in my two cents. You know when you are driving down the road and see a dead animal? And for whatever reason, you have to look at it? I get the same thing when I read Mr. Elfers’ articles each week. I don’t care much for his topics of discussion. But I have to read it.

I never cared much about politics until President Obama was elected. It’s not about “right-wing, left-wing, conservative, liberal”….it’s about one thing. Right and wrong. We are in a world today where doing wrong things are considered fine. Where are our morals and values? I am saddened by the thought of the next generation not being taught honor and integrity. For example, is it right or wrong to spend more than you make — blow a bunch of money you don’t have and not be able to pay your high debt? Or is it OK these days to do whatever feels good at the time? What about lying? My parents taught me from as early as I can remember that lying, no matter how big or small was bad. That’s something naughty you just don’t do. Sure, it’s easier to fib. When you’re caught in a situation, you want to cover it up.

What about those government “leaders” who lied over and over, right to your face about the Benghazi attack? And that’s cool? To lie to us Americans? I guess it’s OK now to not tell the truth. If our president lies and gets away with it what is that teaching us? Our kids? Piece by piece, our country is slowly being taken away. And people don’t realize this or even see it coming. That is the difference between the Dems and Reps. I know what’s coming and it scares me.

I do my “homework.” I disagree with living in the past. I’m looking into the future and these shady government leaders that “we the people” elected — well, get ready for ugly because it’s on the way.

Rich Elfers also says that “pride and arrogance defeated the Republicans in 2012”. Really? No. It was partly the extremely one-sided media (pretend Romney was the president and he lied right out of his teeth about Benghazi. The one-sided media would have been all over that like flies on you-know-what). Part of it was that Obama voters (not all of them) depend on government freebies. Eight out of 10 people voted for Obama who get some sort of “help.” It’s no wonder welfare skyrocketed, he needed those votes. I could go on for days.

Rich Elfers, please don’t paint pictures and assume you know why Republicans are “this-way-and-that-way.” Because I will tell you, in my picture, it looks nothing like yours. Instead of doing comparisons all the time, maybe stick to the side you know best. I am not “proud” or “arrogant” and I won’t be “humbled” by this election. I’ll be over here, painting a picture of the future (since I’m “facing reality and giving up living in the past”). This picture won’t be very pretty. Actually, it will probably be ugly. Because half of America wanted it that way.

Chrissy Marlow


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