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Something special can be found at The Summit

January 21, 2013 · 4:44 PM

I’d like to give big props to one of the most amazing churches I’ve ever attended. There are a lot of great churches in the Enumclaw area, but The Summit has something going on that’s pretty special. The building is pretty standard looking. In fact it used to be a bowling alley. But once inside it’s a whole different deal. The pastor never talks down to the congregation and won’t lose anyone with scripture transcribed by British writers from long past centuries. Pastor Holtz certainly won’t put you to sleep during his sermons. His sermons truly inspire us wretched souls to try to be more like the Bible teaches and make you think about what’s being taught.

Then there’s the music. I’m sure there are people in our community like myself that are not enthused about going to church and singing (or if you’re a lousy singer like me) listening to songs that were sung by your grandparents. If that’s holding you back, then you absolutely must try The Summit, not once, but several times. Why? Because this place rocks, with like 50 different musicians in I don’t know how many teams. You could go to The Summit four weekends in a row and experience four completely different groups of talent. When these gifted musicians are on the stage, you sit, or stand there thinking, “This ain’t grandma’s Christian church music!” Their musical gift (most likely from God) pours off the stage like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

At least not here in Enumscratch.

If you haven’t been to church in a while for whatever reason, stop by The Summit on Sunday. It won’t cost you a penny and I bet you will be inspired by a great staff, teaching us what Jesus is still trying to tell us. And I do believe all of America needs God now more than ever in our history. How bad could it be? You get to dress up nice, or not if you like. You get to hear about something good. Jesus. And you get to experience really talented musicians and a great pastor inspire us. After it’s over you can hang out with some really nice people and have some coffee, juice and cookies.

Ted DeVol



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