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Letters become a home for the rigid and selfish

February 13, 2013 · 11:06 AM

Suddenly it has become all clear to me why for so long I gave up reading these letters to the editor in the newspapers. I had forgotten this is place of the extreme left and the extreme right who like to stereotype everyone and voice their opinion in the black and white, all or nothing fashion. The lawyer-type reasoning that always find a loophole in order to benefit their beliefs.  This is the playground for those who are all-knowing and skilled at finding facts to support their rigid, selfish perception of what they believe we should all agree with. So many contradictions and so much hypocrisy.

I read with sadness the Jan 30. article by Mr. Personius in which he prefers to label anyone wanting a change. By the way, this country is progressing (by time standards) and liberal means wanting change. So no matter how many facts one is able to pull out of his hat to fit his argument, the question on gun control still remains: how much is too much?

It has always amused me how people in their own words contradict themselves. At one point in his article we hear how Mr. Personius states what he thinks is too much firepower, yet when I questioned what may be too much I am labeled and put into a category. Funny how our thoughts usually only benefit ourselves. Funny how we can always find a way to say no to something but never offer a solution. And most confusing is how putting certain restrictions on weapons leads some to believe that they will lose their right to “bear arms.”

I am reminded of another freedom possibly greater than the right to bear arms. It’s the one about free speech. Even that comes with restrictions based on preventing harm to others and, more importantly, it comes with responsibility. So you see, just because over 200 years ago we were promised something, it doesn’t mean we get anything we want today. And just because a person believes one thing, it doesn’t mean he is right. It just means he has his own opinion. You are entitled to yours and I am to mine.

Many apologies to those who thought I was a progressive liberal. I am not. Sincere regrets that you thought I was “coming to fight.” I wasn’t. The intentions were to make you think without your ego, without prejudice and without the name-calling. I never said anyone was childish. I said “childish thinking,” referring to the kind that has once again ended Mr. Personius’ article with, “...and oh yeah, my mother was smarter than your mother.” Point proved. I don’t put people down and within that I find peace.

Best wishes to all who continue reading these letters. It has been entertaining.

Duane Simurdak



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