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Councilman says there's plenty to think about before seeking office

March 26, 2013 · 10:07 AM

Some local political competition is healthy and will result in a better community! I have not endorsed any one for the open positions. I will wait to see who runs.

There should be competition for every position. No one should get a free ride. Competition makes politicians get out there and meet the people in our community, gain ideas and, if elected, they have connections with the community, and will be more qualified to serve.

When I ran for council, it was a challenge. I remember many sleepless nights. I worked hard and met new people with ideas and concerns. The competition resulted in helping to prepare me to serve.

Here are qualities that are important for those that want to run: You must have thicknesses of skin, the ability to work with those of differing opinions, the desire to study out alternatives to problems, the ability to lead in what is right and humility to reach individuals in the community who have the knowledge to solve a problem.

If you’re my friend that does not necessarily mean I’m going to vote for you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I don’t like you if I don’t vote for you. Just because you earned my vote last time, does not automatically mean that you’ll earn my vote this time.

I was disappointed when I ran for office and did not receive the vote of some friends. That doesn’t mean I should not like or work with them in the future after the election. I do try to work with them and still consider them my friends.

When you don’t get a friend’s support in an election it is disappointing. No matter whether a friend supports you or not during the election process, after the election it is important to try and work with all.

You could be great friends with your barber. However, that does not mean your barber is going to make a great local politician. You might even not vote for your barber friend who is running for election.

I’m sure my views don’t line up with some friends. Sometimes we differ. However, I still think we can be friends and can communicate and come together on common ground to do what is good for the community.

Election is the time to evaluate potential candidates. Your friend that’s a barber may be the perfect candidate, however we need to do our due diligence to find those best suited for our challenges.

Last month I wrote some of the city accomplishments in 2012. I think our staff at the city is working hard. However, we can always improve.

When it comes to a new term of an incumbent candidate seeking reelection we should ask questions and seek out potential well qualified candidates. This is the time we can continue the course or make a change.

Darrel Dickson

Enumclaw City Council


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