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Good outweighs bad at Enumclaw Expo Creation Fest | Letter

August 20, 2013 · 9:31 AM

As an Enumclaw resi-dent, I would like to respond to some of the noise complaints made about the presence of Creation here.

I think that if the people of our town understood the impact of this event, they might extend some tolerance, or even compassion, for the mere four days it takes place. This is an event that encourages our youth to make strong moral choices and live lives of integrity, honor and purpose, something that our culture doesn’t readily invite or promote. Our youth are so inundated with sexual pressures, drugs and alcohol that we should find it a privilege that Creation comes to our city for such an admirable purpose, reaching over 10,000 people.

Something else that Creation promotes is world missions. Statistics show that the number of people dying of starvation, malnutrition, disease, homelessness and unclean drinking water has decreased significantly over the last 10 years as a result of the mission work done by many of the organizations Creation supports and promotes. It is because of events such as Creation that the hearts and funds of mission work is restored and encouraged. Without these organizations, so many needs in our world would become unmet and the hands of hope destroyed.

You may be thinking, “Great! But why does Creation have to be so loud and go on so late?” If you have children or grandchildren, you may recognize that it is difficult to purposefully communicate or relate to the younger generation. Creation is trying to set up a way of communication that is good and fun and purposeful, which quite frankly means bringing in something that some may feel is incredibly loud and obnoxious…but the youth love it and through it are introduced to music artists that are good examples for them to look up to. Imagine the energy of thousands of youth dancing and singing together in a beneficial environment, they could last all night! However, Creation has worked really hard to respect the quiet hours established in our city. But also recognize that the event is only four days. It is difficult to pack all the music groups, speakers and activities into such a short time.

Please take a few minutes to consider all the good that comes from this event, including the increased revenue that 10,000 people bring to our city in just four short days. Even if it only changes one life, turns one kid from suicide, turns one girl from a life of promiscuity, encourages one person to sponsor world missions or turns one parent from divorce, isn’t it worth the inconvenience of four loud, late nights? As an attendee of the event, I can attest to the fact that Creation has accomplished far more than changing one life, but hundreds, potentially thousands of lives leave this event encouraged and strengthened to change their lives for the good.

Allison Aaby


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