Nudity is not as harmful as Decker thinks

Wow. Did Dan Decker really say nudity “can harm the eyes?” And all this time I thought it was that other activity that was usually done alone. In private. Who knew? Thanks, Dan, for saving my eyesight. I’m forever grateful.

Silly we should think David Bowen’s points should be taken seriously regarding alcohol and drugs when we have such a serious health risk to our eyes, what with people running around naked all over our fair city. Without leadership from folks like Dan Decker, we’d have to change our name to Braille Lake.

I noticed, too, that the ordinance forbids “substances applied to the skin which can be washed off.” Does this mean once my kids turn 11, they’ll be arrested for sporting the temporary tattoos they score from the gumball machines at Fred Meyer? Will Fred Meyer be arrested for dealing?

Dan, it seems all this nudity has certainly ruined one person’s vision – yours.

You’re blind to the real problems of our community but hear loud and clear the complaints of a few.

John Morrison

Bonney Lake