OUR CORNER: Turbo charged; not a superhero

By Brenda Sexton

The Courier-Herald

I am not Wonder Woman.

Although I did enjoy reading the comic strip and watching Lynda Carter play her on television, I have realized in the past couple days I cannot deflect bullets with my fashionista bracelets or pull the truth out of the children with a magic lasso. I drive a station wagon, not an invisible plane and at 5-foot-2 and 40-plus I am far from being an Amazon.

Actually, I’ve never claimed to be Wonder Woman, but lately I’ve learned I don’t even have what it takes to be a woman of amazing feats. Wonder Woman is known for her super strength, speed and stamina.

I had a headache.

Not a little stress headache that a couple of aspirin could cure. I work through those all the time. This was the kind that put me away for a day, two.

I couldn’t think – no comments from the office peanut gallery. I couldn’t function. I’ve misplaced items I still haven’t found. I just wanted to curl up like a kitten in a warm blanket and sleep. Not an option for someone who, as my husband put it, runs turbo charged, but I was really working at it.

So here I sit, still catching up.

The bills that were sitting in my purse are mailed. The laundry is getting washed. My class will have a lesson ready. There are a few groceries in the fridge. I made it through two days of youth sports.

I’ve been writing feverishly and running through e-mail for about five hours now – it’s Sunday evening and it was light outside when I started. So there will be stories in this paper with my byline, even this column, although it won’t be filled with the wit and wisdom Courier-Herald readers have come to expect. OK, that was a joke. My humor’s also returning.

If you opened this paper to see if I’d be railing at Gotham. I don’t have the energy today; maybe tomorrow.

If you wanted me to endorse a candidate. I can’t do that either. Not because I’m tired, but because I know too well what it takes to put yourself out there to lead and I admire anyone who’s willing to step up and give it a go.

If you were hoping to see me break down – sorry, not yet.

For those thinking this would lead to my early retirement, not so fast.

For those who enjoyed the time I was away, like the Terminator, I’m back. By the time this prints, hopefully back up to moving like The Flash.

When you’re flying an invisible plane, it’s easier to see the silver lining. I learned, a headache may get me down, but it doesn’t keep me down. I have great family and Super Friends and maybe there’s still hope I can be a Wonder Woman.