Questions, and answers, about upcoming changes

You will continue to receive The Courier-Herald if you live in Bonney Lake and pay for a subscription.

Last week, The Courier-Herald announced several large changes were coming to the newspaper, including no longer covering the city of Bonney Lake. Several of our readers contacted us with some questions regarding current subscriptions, continued web access, and more. We’ve collected those questions and answered them below.

Q: What are the new Courier-Herald boundaries, exactly?

A: In general, The Courier-Herald will be using carriers to cover the vast majority of the 98321 and 98022 ZIP codes, as well as the southern portion of the 98010 area. Geographically, that’s south of Summit Drive in Black Diamond, southeast of the White River Amphitheater, east of 214th Avenue near Bonney Lake, north of South Prairie/Burnett, northwest of 248th Avenue SE outside Enumclaw, west of the Enumclaw Expo Center, and southwest of Cumberland. Some rural patches in these ZIP codes will require mail delivery.

Q: I pay for a subscription in Bonney Lake. Will I continue to receive the paper after coverage stops?

A: If you have a paid subscription, you will continue to get their paper delivered either by carrier or mail until May 1. After that date, all current Bonney Lake customers will receive their paper via mail at no additional cost. Once you subscription expires, you can sign up again for the $52 mailed subscription rate.

Q: Will the Courier-Herald continue to be the paper of record for Bonney Lake?

A: The Courier-Herald is currently the paper of record for Bonney Lake. The city is in the process of going out to bid for a paper of record, and The Courier-Herald has applied.

Q: How will current subscribers get unlimited online access?

A: If you have a paid subscription, you can select your subscription type from the paywall log-in and enter you contact information, which is checked against our circulation database. This verifies you are a paid subscriber and are authorized to continue your free digital access. If you have any problems, our customer service team can help set you up.

Q: In last week’s editorial, the editor mentioned focusing more on history and business, as well as bringing back the police blotter. When can we expect these changes to happen?

A: At the moment, Courier-Herald staff is collecting material for these coverage changes to begin starting May 1.

Q: It was also mentioned The Courier-Herald is moving to a new office. When will that happen, and what’s the new address?

A: The Courier-Herald hopes to be fully moved into the new office at 1186 Myrtle Ave. by the end of May.

Q: When will the paywall be going up for www.courier

A: Sound Publishing is currently negotiating with a paywall vendor for many of its newspapers and could go up as quickly as May.

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Questions, and answers, about upcoming changes

You will continue to receive The Courier-Herald if you live in Bonney Lake and pay for a subscription.

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