Sumner choir taught me a few things | Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

To teach an old dog a new trick commonly brings one of two beliefs. Stubbornness and traditional or tireless effort with little or no results. In my case, I happen to apply to both. That was, until the other evening. I was treated to some of the best entertainment that our Sumner School District has to offer.

Since the early- to mid-1970s, I felt as though art classes in public education offered nothing in common with my, or any others’, education. As I grew in maturity to become a taxpayer, that opinion also included that they probably were not a good choice to burden the budget with, either. But after experiencing the multi-school choir concert, I must gratefully thank the students, music teachers and the district administrative staff for what I finally was taught after all these years.

It was very well organized and the performances were sung well beyond what would be expected from all age groups. The song choices varied from African to Asian, to the finale of an American Christian hymn which received a standing ovation. I personally think this would have been a great night out even without my middle school daughter performing as my reason for attending. I hope in the future, the school district will consider inviting out senior citizens on the community, I believe they would truly connect with our local youth.

Thanks again to all the performers and the gifted directors for schooling an old dog.

Stephen McCasland