Sumner undergoing business changes

There’s a lot to share about downtown this week.

Word on the


There’s a lot to share about downtown this week.

First, let’s talk food. Several weeks ago we received the news that the owners of Sully’s Alder Street Café were closing. Many of us were sad because the owners were so nice, the food good and locals met there daily for lunch or coffee klatches, and they were a real asset to our downtown. The good news is that the business is being reopened by a local restaurant owner in Puyallup. They will be keeping the same basic menu, but adding a local staple. Guess what that might be? If you guessed rhubarb pie, then you would be right. If you also guessed that I did a happy dance when they told me about the new regular menu item and requested the digital file of our new rhubarb pie logo, you would be right about that as well. We have a growing number of media who are requesting interviews about Sumner being the rhubarb pie capital and wanting a slice of pie to go with it. So their timing couldn’t be better. Right now Berryland Café, Sully’s and Windmill Bistro are all serving their own tasty version of our claim to fame.

Other news on the business front includes the closing of Sharkey’s on Main Street. However, the landlord tells me he has a new business already applying for licenses to reopen under a different name. So stay tuned to see if a new Main Street Bar and Grill will be opening in the next few weeks.

On the east end of town, where Hollywood Video was, you may have noticed the new signs for Mud Bay, a well known natural pet food store. In fact, I’ve heard it described as the Trader Joe’s of the pet world. If you’ve never heard of them, be sure to visit their booth at our Mutts off Main event next Saturday or visit their Web site to learn more about their products, store hours and history. I liked learning about how they got their name and I’m sure they’d love to have you stop by their booth or store and welcome them to town.

Not only will Mud Bay be at our event, but our sponsor, It’s a Dog’s World, which is part of the Sumner Veterinary Hospital with 24-hour emergency and critical care for pets, will also be at the event and hosting the agility course once again. Sumner has many resources for their pets. The Sumner Food Bank will be at the show collecting donations for our local four legged friends; the Sumner Library will be there and you can even sign up for library cards; the Sumner Lions Club will also be at the event with their community mascot, Toby, who has the cutest custom made Sumner Lions Club vest; and Metro Animal Control will be there as well to do dog chipping for $25 cash.

So this week, don’t miss Music off Main starting at 6 p.m. Friday in the park or the opening ceremony at Mutts off Main Saturday morning at 10.

Heritage Park is definitely a spot where good things will be happening and another reason so many people like to spend some time in Sumner.

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