Wilson, Manning show their age | Our Corner

The Seahawks’ Super Bowl win Sunday spurred a few thoughts in my mass of cobwebs. One was that I remember every Super Bowl, from Super Bowl I to Super Bowl XLVIII.

That darn time keeps moving, in Roman numerals.

I watched the first one with my dad when Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers steamrolled the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.

Sunday, I watched the Seahawks steamroll the Denver Broncos with my son.

It was a good day.

It was fitting that Broadway Joe Namath flipped the coin at the opening of the game.

I remember Namath beating the Colts and how torn I was to see a young, curly-haired quarterback take apart a team quarterbacked by Earl Morrall with Johnny Unitas on the bench due to an injury.

As a kid I was a big Johnny U fan, but I knew the Jets’ coach Weeb Eubank had the Colts and coach Don Shula figured out. Eubank had one other ace –youth. A young Namath with a gun for an arm who was ready to unseat the champion. Namath knew when you are in the ring you can’t tie the champion, you knock him out.

The Seahawks proved again that football is a young man’s game. Peyton Manning’s Roman numeral age showed and Russell Wilson’s youth did as well. Young legs and arms often spell victory, just as it did in 1969.

The Seahawks captivated the young people around me in the office. The young women (that I usually call “girls” because of all my Roman numerals that keep adding up) get all fan nuts over Russell Wilson. I think it is because he has curly hair just like Broadway Joe.

I understand that some men are a bit delusional about their hair, or more directly, lack of hair.

I try to be extra sensitive to our publisher Scott Gray. He is a little jealous of my mop of curly filament (it takes a lot of product for me to keep it under control) and his lack of natural head fiber. I try not to bring this up in public because I am known as Mr. Sweet and Sensitive.

There comes a time when we have to accept who we are, that age gives way to youth and some of us are blessed with manes and some are not; we simply have to accept reality and not be delusional.

Football is a young man’s game and those young men playing for the Seahawks have hooked the young like Namath did in ‘69.

Go hair … I mean Hawks.