Unknown gas | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

  • Mon Dec 7th, 2015 10:53pm
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SMASH AND GRAB: Officers were contacted on Nov. 25 after a car was broken into. The reporting party told officers they woke up to hear their car alarm go off, and noticed the passenger-side window was broken and a backpack was missing. There was no subject in the immediate area, but the reporting party noticed a car circling the neighborhood but couldn’t get a license number. However, security footage may have caught the suspect on tape.

UNKNOWN GAS: On Nov. 25 officers were alerted to a report of an unknown type of alarm going off. When officers arrived on the scene there was no answer at the address and confirmed with neighbors that the previous occupants had moved out recently. Officers conducted a search of the area, smelled natural gas coming from the back yard and called East Pierce Fire and Rescue. Firefighters forced entry to ensure there was no one in the residence and there was no natural gas inside the residence. Firefighters remained on the scene to silence the alarms.