Voting for Lauk to truly represent citizens | Letter to the Editor

  • Fri Oct 23rd, 2015 7:11pm
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Letters to the Editor

I am writing to express my disgust with Councilman (Darrel) Dickson and his actions, along with other members of this current council, in regards to trying to bring massive new development to Enumclaw. Their attempts in the last couple of years to overturn the building and development ban on the Thomas Farm and the White River Tree Farm so their own real estate businesses could make money at the expense of the rest of the citizens should be illegal, if it is not already.

Mr. Dickson says he has lots of business experience and that is why we should vote for him in this election, but who’s interests is he serving, his 44 business and land deals or ours? This is a fair question. We really need to clean house with this current council and the best way to start bringing honesty, accountability and integrity back to city politics is to vote Dickson out of office.

I am voting for Kimberly Lauk. We need her representing us, so someone is representing citizens again, not just big developers and land speculators. Dickson’s recent statements denying what he has tried to do only makes him look more guilty than ever and he is not being honest – we cannot trust him ever again. This is the government of the citizens. Let’s take it back.

Samantha Nonan