WR VOLLEYBALL: Hot-handed Hornets will heat up court

If White River volleyball coach Stryder Argo had an ounce of compassion he would post a sign over the entry of the Hornet gymnasium warning foes to enter at their own risk.

Argo’s six-pack of predominantly senior spikers and setters appears poised for even more success.

A season ago the Hornets went 12-2 during the regular season, made the state tournament and gave a highly-favored Lynden all it could handle.

White River’s overall record last season was 20-5 and of the handful of setbacks, three were at the hands of Fife.

White River will have an early opportunity to atone for that Trojan hat trick, traveling to Fife Sept. 14 for the Hornets’ initial South Puget Sound League 2A outing of the campaign.

“For some reason we just couldn’t shake that Fife monkey off our backs last season and it wasn’t that they were that much better than we were. We just seemed to self-destruct every time we played them,” Argo said. “Hopefully, that is all in the past.”

Of the 54 girls who turned out, 13 made varsity, Dannie Stroud, Courtney Hall, Jailyn Van Sickle, Erinne Clements, Mikaela Kilcup, Kaytee Hodgson, Shailee Strecker, Haley Vallala, Cassidy Kunst, Jade Crawford, Alischa Bidwell, Mary Marshall and Amy Carlson.