Clark touts benefits of Sound Birth method

Kelly Clark is a doula that operates out of Buckley.

Kelly Clark is a doula that operates out of Buckley.

Kelly Clark has a rather specific audience for her professional services.

As a practicing doula, her clients are women who are pregnant and anxious about the process of giving birth.

Clark touts the benefits of Sound Birth which, she says, creates “an atmosphere of calm like no other for the birth of your baby.”

Clark has operated Sound Awakening Doula for less than a year, offering support to women (and couples) during pregnancy, labor and birth.

“Nurturing and caring for others in their time of need is something that has always come very natural to me,” says the Buckley resident. For the past dozen years, she has covered the spectrum from being a nanny to an end-of-life hospice caregiver.

Now, as a certified doula, Clark aims to help parents create a positive birth experience. She describes her role as “providing important emotional, physical and spiritual preparation for birth.”

In particular, she touts the benefits of Sound Birth, a process involving a crystal singing bowl and the “toning” (vocalizing) of the mother.

Clark invites the uninitiated to learn more at:

Phone: 253-569-2300


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