Goodwill store coming

Tacoma Goodwill confirmed Friday it will renovate a store in Bonney Lake Village.

Tacoma Goodwill confirmed Friday it will renovate a store in Bonney Lake Village.

The space has been occupied by Rainier Thrift and Gift.

Spokesman Matt Erlich said Goodwill plans to open its Bonney Lake store by late fall. He said the store signed a 10-year lease with the property’s owner, Rosen-Harbottle Commerical Real Estate of Bellevue.

“We’ve been looking for the past four or five years at locating in Bonney Lake,” Erlich said. “It will be a great benefit for Bonney Lake and a benefit for our programs.”

The store will be 15,850 square feet and will employ at least 35 people as cashiers, managers, production and donation attendants. Erlich said the store’s payroll will be about $500,000 annually with benefits.

Tacoma Goodwill services 15 counties in Western Washington.

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