Small Business Administration announces National Small Business Week

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced its signature event, National Small Business Week, will be held June 17th through June 21st. This year’s events will take place all across the country and feature exciting and informative events designed to help small businesses start, grow and succeed.

Schemers target NCAA fans’ wallets | Better Business Bureau

Whether it’s Gonzaga going all the way or University of Oregon pulling off the upset, Better Business Bureau is warning fans of March Madness scams. Shysters are putting on the full-court press this month as basketball fanatics book tickets, check brackets and purchase merchandise.

  • Mar 24, 2013

Honoring Booth Gardner | Don Brunell

The tributes to former Gov. Booth Gardner, who died March 15 at the age of 76, remind us of a better time. Throughout his political career, Booth was known for his respectful demeanor, good humor and dedication to consensus.

Small Business Administration observes Women’s History Month in March

The U.S. Small Business Administration Seattle District Office joins with the nation to observe Women’s History Month in March by recognizing and honoring women’s contributions to small business everywhere.

One-stop tax collection makes sense | Don Brunell

Regulations are like bricks. One brick doesn’t weigh that much, but as you add more bricks, the load gets heavier and heavier until eventually it becomes a crushing burden that slows progress to a crawl.

Hugh Lyman – an Enumclaw resident

Enumclaw inventor alters 3-D print industry

Enumclaw resident Hugh Lyman retired as a business owner in 1996. It was the end of his time in the traditional workforce but it was the beginning of something entirely different.

Hugh Lyman – an Enumclaw resident
Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan presents Enumclaw inventor Hugh Lyman with his $40

How Hugh Lyman’s invention made a great leap forward for 3-D printing

Instead of spending $50 per filament spool, the Lyman Filament Extruder II makes it possible to create the same amount of filament for $10.

Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan presents Enumclaw inventor Hugh Lyman with his $40

Protect your business from spring weather threats | Small Business Administration

Winter snows are sometimes followed by floods. Severe storms—sometimes in the form of deadly tornadoes or massive rainfall—can wreak havoc across the U.S. during spring.

  • Mar 10, 2013

Scams and identity thefts target tax filers | Better Business Bureau

Scams and identity thefts are particularly prevalent risks during tax time. This National Consumer Protection Week, Better Business Bureau warns that frauds utilize stolen personal data to manipulate large tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Mar 10, 2013

Better Business Bureau free tax time shredding

Washington saw a 123 percent increase in identity theft complaints due to government documents or benefits fraud from 2011 to 2012, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network.

Grassroots momentum growing for immigration reform | Don Brunell

The powers in the other Washington appear to be aligning to reform our country’s immigration laws. It has taken awhile, but it is now time to make the necessary changes.

Karen Kralovic and daughter Kerry Langel opened Ciarrai Jeanne Confections on Downtown Main Street Jan. 29.

Mother and daughter’s candy shop is just dandy

Karen Kralovic and her daughter, Kerry Langel, are serving up sweets at 1002 Main Street. Ciarrai Jeanne Confections caters to the nostalgic sweet tooth; mimicking an old time candy shop, it’s complete with swirly pops, jars of “penny” candy and vintage family photographs.

Karen Kralovic and daughter Kerry Langel opened Ciarrai Jeanne Confections on Downtown Main Street Jan. 29.

Small Business Administration to expand access to loan programs

Fewer regulations will streamline applications and ensure program integrity through enhanced oversight.

  • Mar 3, 2013

Refund anticipation loans come with risks | Better Business Bureau

When expecting tax refunds, cash-strapped households might consider refund anticipation loans or RALs. However, Better Business Bureau warns filers that RALs come with risks.

People helping people | Don Brunell

In November 1982, our state’s unemployment rate peaked at 12.2 percent, the highest since the Great Depression. Interest on a fixed rate home loan was 13.4 percent, and an 11.5 inflation rate burned through our checkbooks. The economy was a mess.

Champion skater Vicci King helps clients find the athlete within

Somewhere between her first race in 1985, at age 12, and her retirement from competition at the 1998 world championship in Pamplona, inline speed skater Vicci King picked up 25 gold medals. She earned 20 in United States Nationals, five in World Championship competitions, and many more silver and bronze in both. In 2007, she was inducted into the USA Roller Sports Hall of Fame.

Association health plans work | Don Brunell

In 1993, Gov. Mike Lowry (D) wanted to help small employers offer health insurance. Too many could not afford coverage for their employees and their families. His idea — which was a template for President and Mrs. Clinton’s national health reforms — was a government mandate requiring all employers to offer a plan with the same benefits for all workers. It didn’t work for three fundamental reasons.

A hydropower renaissance | Don Brunell

When Grand Coulee Dam was completed in 1942, it was called the “Eighth Wonder of the Modern World.”

New restaurants to tempt Plateau diners

Debra Schweter was showing off plans for the dining space in the former Café Panini building when her husband Jeff grabbed the floor plans. This was in mid-January, when the room was still a great big empty space, save for some power tools, folding tables and two barren soda refrigerators.

Washington state missing out on tourist dollars | Don Brunell

When we moved from Montana to Olympia 35 years ago, we saw enticing television and magazine ads for our neighboring states, but none for Washington. Fast forward to 2013 and nothing has changed. It was puzzling then, but even more perplexing today, considering the money and jobs at stake.

  • Feb 9, 2013