Moll joins chamber staff, will help with marketing

The Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce is growing!

  • Apr 7, 2009

Walking papers launch Dog-Gone-Lazy

Enumclaw’s Claire Holder saw a need, suddenly had time on her hands and launched a new business venture aimed at the area’s pet owners and their four-legged friends.

  • Apr 7, 2009

State can take action against those in health care

Consumer: I think my doctor may have broken the law. Where do I file a complaint?

  • Apr 7, 2009

Tough times bring out the worst

The worst economic downturn in generations has created a perfect storm of financial shocks: evaporating investments, foreclosures and job losses. To add insult to injury, a new generation of thieves increasingly targets the dwindling bank balances of struggling Washington residents.

  • Apr 7, 2009

Olson’s Meats takes top honors, again

It was no April Fool’s joke when Olson’s Meats and Smokehouse opened its doors seven years ago, occupying a roadside butcher shop that has stood along state Route 164 on the outskirts of Enumclaw for more than four decades.

Sign urges shopping locally

A Bonney Lake business owner said residents shopping locally would help local business survive during the rough economic period.

Rainier Orthopedic opens new Bonney Lake office

It hasn’t taken the community long to discover Rainier Orthopedic Institute’s new Bonney Lake location since opening three months ago.

Local Chamber ready for 2009 tourism season

The Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce is ready for the 2009 tourism season. We have recently moved into our first physical location into an office located inside Harborstone Credit Union.

Garden coach creates lush landscape designs

Thanks to Irene Mills of Bonney Lake, help for tired, old and desperate yards are just a couple of green thumbs away with help from The Plant Mommy, LLC. As its owner, she provides garden coaching, landscaping consultations and design help with sustainable gardens for homeowners and businesses.

Law putting weight on small businesses

As of Jan. 1 Washington state restaurants were required by law to provide nutritional information on the food items they serve.

DeCanterina’s Fine Jewelry boasts one of the world’s 13 pro gem cutters

There are only 13 professional gem cutters in the world. Bill Matheson is one of them.

Consumer complaints to Washington attorney general highest since 2002

Washington consumers filed 25,197 written complaints with the Attorney General’s Office in 2008 – the greatest number since 2002. Gripes about health care businesses and commercial banks moved into the top 10 and telecommunications maintained its stronghold as the industry to generate the most criticism.

  • Mar 10, 2009

Chamber will host Labor Day triathlon

I ran my first (and only) marathon eight years ago through the Wasatch Mountains of the Cache Valley into downtown Logan, Utah. I will never forget the feelings of elation and accomplishment upon completing the race that I trained so long and so hard for. Those feelings trumped all of the pain I went through to get there, including continuous blisters, shin splints and the weekly long runs that wiped me out for the entire day. As I reminisce about that time in my life, those good memories and feelings come up to the surface and I remember how much I loved to run.

Agency locates employment for job seekers

Gabriel Duran knows the impact a troubled economy can play on society.

Counselors bring hope for the hurting

Exodus Counseling and Treatment Services’ Mark and Linda Walrath understand the struggles facing today’s world, whether they include pressures from a weakened economy, job loss and family struggles or eating disorders, addictions and depression.

“Would you like fries with that?”

What do you think are the most profitable words ever? Some would say they are, “Would you like fries with that?” It transforms the purchase of a hamburger into a package deal, in many cases doubling the size of the original sale. All because of six simple words.

  • Mar 9, 2009

New shop joins Buckley’s downtown scene

Buckley is becoming known for its second-hand stores and the newest shop to dovetail into the category is The Robin’s Nest, which specializes in horse tack, furniture, clothes, hats, jewelry, guitars, model train sets, collectables and just about everything else under the sun.

City planning business summit for April

Members of the local business scene are being invited to an economic summit that will seek to identify problems and brainstorm possible solutions to Enumclaw’s current doldrums.

Chamber hears tips for thriving in a tough economy

At our chamber-sponsored February Business Breakfast we discussed how to make it through these tough economic times. According to Jeff Perlot, business management faculty member and small business adviser at Green River Community College, the first key is to keep moving. He compared it with a rock climber who sees a storm coming. If the climber stays frozen and tries to wait out the storm, they may never make if off the rock. You need to keep climbing. Stay disciplined. Pick a few key things you want to accomplish each day and do them. That’s the only way to get to the top. 

  • Mar 9, 2009

Downtown location new home for photo studio

Sharon Hinman can recite several reasons why she moved her photographic studio from her garage on the outskirts of Enumclaw to Griffin Avenue – like the location is more visible and the amenities are more appealing – but the top reason for the move is because of her dog.