A short list of Trump’s ‘accomplishments’

There aren’t many.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter, “Elfers isn’t ‘in focus,’” published Nov. 4.

Frank Thompson says Rich Elfers loses “Focus” when he concentrates on Trump’s character rather than his accomplishments, so lets “focus” on his “accomplishments”:

• Building the wall and Mexico paying for it, nope.

• Repealing and replacing the ACA with something better and cheaper, nope. (Side note here, the Republicans have tried to get rid of it for ten years with still no plan whatsoever to replace it.)

• His “draining the swamp” actually replaced almost all people of character in top government posts with a much worse swamp of toadies, especially his children, with no leadership experience in government whatsoever.

• Releasing his taxes if elected, nope, and once we did finally get a look at them we know why, he’s in debt for nearly 400 million — great business man, indeed.

• Balance the budget, increased the deficit by several trillion dollars even before COVID, so, nope.

• Win the trade war with China, but continues to pay many billions in farm subsidies because China has quit buying our farm products.

• North Korea and Iran will no longer be a nuclear threat, scrapped the nuclear deal with Iran and now they are amping up their efforts to enhance uranium and North Korea, increasing their testing, launches and rhetoric, nope.

• Pulled us out of the Paris climate change accord and has gutted the EPA making pollution much worse, both air and water.

• Alienated most of our allies, all the while kissing up to dictators.

• Scrapped NAFTA and renegotiated it with very little change of note.

• Lies excessively every day about just about everything.

• Found out from our intelligence agencies that Russia has placed a bounty on our troops in Afghanistan months ago and has still done nothing about it.

• Calls our armed forces “suckers and losers.”

• Divided our country like never before and championed racism and bigotry claiming “Good people on both sides.”

I’m not going to try and list everything he has “accomplished,” there wouldn’t be room in this letter. Suffice it to say, our country would be much better off without nearly all of Trump’s “accomplishments.”

Larry Benson