After Ye and Fuentes, are Republicans still sticking to Trump?

It’s also unfair to compare post-civil war Democrats to the modern party.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter “Follow the money for who is really trying to impose their will on America”, published Nov. 23).

It was not the cost to repair the damages to our nation’s capitol that upset us, so much as the shock and disheartening we all felt to see our sacred institutions so badly abused and disrespected. I am also curious (as is Larry Benson) where the figure of $2 billion worth of damages that ANTIFA has supposedly caused came from, perhaps from such trusted sources as QAnon or Alex Jones?

Now that Donald Trump has been caught entertaining Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mara-a-Lago, two very vocal anti-Semitic and racist neo-Nazi provocateurs, I wonder if Mr. Terhaar is still willing to defend the head of the Republican Party. As far as Herschel Walker, running for a senate seat in Georgia, it looks as if he is so dumb as to admit he is actually a Texan and not a resident of Georgia. Maybe he will be disqualified or have to pay back his IRS rebate for the home he lives in while spending most of his time in Texas. What an idiot.

Agreed, your comment that John Fetterman is no Churchill, but then who is? It’s pretty hard for anyone to be that eloquent.

As for trying to hang Democratic Senator Robert Byrd for being racist in his early days, is much like taking pride in Senator Strom Thurmond, a devout bigot and segregationist who had an illegitimate child by a black household servant when he was young. Hey, most of the signers of the Constitution had slaves, and some even had children by them, so we should ignore the Constitution as a result?

Most of the Southern congressman (and nearly all were men) were racially prejudiced and tried to scuttle LBJ’s Civil and Voting Rights bills. Once they passed, the South immediately moved over to the Republican Party where they are today. Sorry, but the track record still shows that Trump and company are still bigoted. Not a good position to hold when you consider how liberal the coming generation is concerning gay, religious, women’s, and minority rights. Just my thoughts.

Eugene Clegg