All life is sacred

Human Life of Enumclaw wants to elevate all human life, no matter how small.

Thank you for the article, “Pro-life group returns to Enumclaw,” in the Feb. 5 edition. I was particularly delighted to see that it came out the week the paper features a front-page photo with several young Special Olympians competing in a basketball game. I felt it illustrated wonderfully just what we at Human Life of Enumclaw are trying to accomplish: elevate the dignity of all life.

In the “abortion statistics” portion of the article, it was stated that 3 percent of women ended their pregnancies “… because of possible heath problems with the fetus’ health.”

Prenatal testing could easily have determined that at least two of those basketball players would end up with “disabilities”. I hope I was not the only one rejoicing to see that ball being dribbled down the court by the daughter of a mother that chose life.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Abilities and disabilities vary from one person to the next. Trying to predict from a prenatal test how that will determine the quality of life of anyone is foolish at best, and very dangerous to the tiny life growing in his or her mother at worst.

Hitler thought it was a good idea to create the “perfect race” by eliminating anyone who didn’t measure up to his standard. Let us not be so presumptuous and prejudiced.

Jodi Olson