Arguing against these right-wing points like shooting fish in a barrel

Most past Republicans wouldn’t even be accepted into the current party.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “Mr. Benson should quit while he’s behind” published July 27.

George, while I’ve only been to the last two “Brewskis with a Newsie” I haven’t had the pleasure of buying either Ray or Alex a beer but that might come up at another meeting. I hope so.

The “Orange Criminal’s” average approval rating for his entire presidency was 41 percent over all four years and he finished with a whopping 34 percent.

Two years with the pandemic virtually locking down the whole economy got him a low inflation rate. Once the economy started moving again, there was going to be inflation — you don’t need to be an economist to see that coming. And you can’t blame it on Biden because, according to you, the global inflation rate is slightly higher than ours. So you must think Biden should take credit for the whole world?

Also, gas prices are much higher in many other countries, does Biden take the hit for that too?

Printing trillions of dollars with no backing — our currency hasn’t had backing since we went off of the gold standard.

And the poll that said Hillary would win: News flash, she won the popular vote by four million votes — not the first election stolen from the people by the Republicans because of the antiquated electoral college.

I love it when Republicans cite all of the good things they’ve done. Eisenhower was the last Republican who was worth more than a bucket of spit. If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today he would be considered a progressive, not a member of this Republican party. Nixon resigned to keep from getting impeached; Reagan should have been impeached but Colonel North took the fall for him; Bush I wasn’t too bad but I never thought we could elect another president dumber than Bush II. Then came Trump — just ask Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Republicans helped LBJ pass the civil rights legislation and all of those racist, bigoted southern Democrats abdicated the Democratic party and turned the Republican party into what it is today — this is not the party of Lincoln by any wild stretch of the imagination.

Oh, and the Keystone pipeline: it’s been pumping oil for the last decade. But the Keystone XL pipeline — the one that got shut down — probably wouldn’t have been online for another 10 years. Also, we still produce more oil than we use but the reason we still import some is complicated. But you might be interested to know that nearly 60 percent of the oil we do import comes from our neighbors Canada (51 percent) and Mexico (8 percent).

You seem to want to blame women for getting pregnant. Well, how about force all young men to have a vasectomy until they become responsible adults and can afford to support children? Then they can have it reversed.

Please enlighten me about all of the “amazing” things that the R’s have done since the civil rights legislation. I’ll wait. And don’t expect my letters to stop coming any time soon. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson