Can’t compare Arizona law with Nazi atrocities

I had to respond to Wally DeChateau’s despicable column on the new Arizona illegal alien law. A column in which he had no qualms comparing average United States citizens to Nazis serving in the Gestapo and drawing a moral equivelance of Arizona’s law and the evils of the National Socialist Party (not the Nazi Political Party like Wally called them. That’s right, the Nazis were socialists). A column where he implies many citizens of Arizona are racist for supporting this law while he ignores the fact that many legal citizens of Mexican descent also support this law. A column that implies local police officers will turn into sadistic thugs that will arrest anyone that looks wrong. Pure pablum.

Congratulations Wally for comparing illegal aliens being arrested and deported to Jews, Catholics and homosexuals being sent to concentration camps where they were beaten and starved before they were summarily executed. How awesome that a good little socialist like you downplays the brutality of the Nazi regime by saying the Holocaust victims were “imprisoned at the discretion of officials.” I am sure the victims of the Holocaust wished they were just imprisoned. The contempt of Jews in your writing makes me wonder if Helen Thomas is your great-great-grandmother or something. Every victim of the Holocaust is rolling over in their grave because of your twisted line of logic.

Let’s review what happens to illegal aliens that are arrested by local police for being an illegal alien. After being stopped for speeding or contacted for beating their spouse, the officer obtains information which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the suspect is an illegal alien. The handcuffs go on. They are transported to a local jail and given a meal, hygiene items like soap, toothpast, etc. Then they are given a phone call and tucked into bed. Then, the next day or two, they are transported to a federal detention center where the same thing is repeated. Then, they are given an attorney, cable TV, workout equipment and a court date. Yeah, that sums it up. I guess you were right, Wally, just like Nazi Germany. You are such a critical thinker.

If you had an ounce of intellectual honesty you would just admit you want open borders. Just admit that you believe America has been a racist, evil country and the way to rectify the sins of the past is to allow every person that wants to come into this country unfettered access. Even if it means importing poverty, crime and terrorism. Be honest, don’t fearmonger by claiming we are one step away from the National Socialist Party being in control as a result of us enforcing our immigration laws. Readers of The Courier-Herald are smarter than you give them credit for and they can read through nonsensical rants. Stick to your columns about glorifying alcoholism and stay out of the political realm.

J Buss


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