Climate change: pay some now, or pay dire consequences later

Some countries are suffering now.

This letter is in response to Jon Buss’s letter, “The left beats the ‘climate change’ drum for power” (published Nov. 23). He appears to be a climate change denier. He believes that is foolish for us to have to pay more for the carbon we are putting into our atmosphere.

I’d like him to address a similar letter to our five states that are running out of water from the Colorado River as well as the electricity it “has been” providing. Maybe a letter to the third of Pakistan that is underwater due to flooding. Perhaps to the German cities that were also flooded this last year for the first time in recorded history, those that died of the heat wave in England, or prepare one for the coastal cities that are scheduled to be facing a rising sea level and the islands in all our oceans that will disappear.

It is becoming imperative that we stop pumping more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Recent studies have found that after the last ice age receded about 11,000 years ago, it would have returned if it were not for the people that came after who burned large amounts of forest for fuel and agriculture, balancing out the return of the cold. However, the burning of fossil fuels with the advent of the industrial revolution has increased the warming trend and endangering our coastlines, cities, agriculture, fresh water supplies, and habitable areas (The Climate Report: by U.S. Global Change Research Program).

Soon, our military has estimated, many nations will be uninhabitable parts of their year due to being too hot and dry. This will mean mass migrations in the millions to cooler wetter nations next door and the conflicts that will arise, making the Syrian and African migrations to Europe look minuscule.

I would have thought that all the bad news in our world related to the obvious global warming that’s already here, that climate deniers would have crawled back into their holes and given up trying to convince us with disinformation to keep ruining our future.

I guess I was wrong. We are not suppose to see where this is all heading because someone wants to keep their ICE (internal combustion engine) cars and lower cost of living. Pay for it now, or look the other way and pay even more later.

Just my thoughts.

Eugene Clegg