Columnist does not understand Tea Party ideals

Editor’s note: the following is in response to The Courier-Herald’s March 24 Our Corner column.

It seems to me that Daniel Nash is deliberately trying to mislead readers about the Team Party movement, Fox News and others with whom he disagrees.

He starts off by talking about the Lyndon La Rouche people populating post offices and jumps from there to say that their Obama-as-Hitler picture is “a driving force at Tea Party rallies.” The vast majority of people at the Tea Parties are mainstream Americans who believe that our country is being forced by the Obama Administration into unsustainable deficits and insurmountable debt. Mr. Nash takes a group that really is “on the fringe” and tries to smear the entire Tea Party movement with their Nazi imagery.

He doesn’t say that he can’t support the Post Office because of the “Hitler parallel.”

Mr. Nash is clearly not old enough to remember when networks used to actually have people on staff of differing political opinions. He seems to think there is something sinister at work because Fox actually covers Tea Party demonstrations involving tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. He doesn’t think it odd that the other networks don’t. Networks used to regularly have debates on issues, famously spoofed on Saturday Night Live by Jane Curtain and Dan Akroyd (Jane, you ignorant slut!). Mr. Nash calls the only network that currently employs people on both sides of the political divide “closeted Nazis” (presumably trying to be funny). Mr. Nash also pretends to be knowledgeable about Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and implies that these men spend all their air time comparing people to Hitler. This would be laughable if it weren’t so poisonous.

There are a number of other erroneous and misleading statements in Mr. Nash’s piece, but the bottom line is that Mr. Nash tries to sound learned and above the fray, pretending to encourage civility all the while smearing people with whom he disagrees by portraying them as intolerant haters who have nothing positive or substantive to offer. I would like to encourage The Courier-Herald to, at the very least, change the name of the Our Corner column, because Mr. Nash certainly isn’t in my corner or that of anyone who values honest discourse.

Verlaine Geiss


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