Comments on the weedy traffic hazard

Perhaps the complainant can do the work himself.

This is in response to the letter from Dennis Dore regarding weeds at the intersection of McHugh and Porter (“Weeds on busy highway intersection a safety hazard”, published Aug. 31).

I am wondering if Mr. Dore or someone he knows has a weedeater? Seems like anyone could whack down the weeds and flowers on the public right of way portion of that corner and, possibly, it would take less time than repeatedly trying to get the city to take action.

The letter indicates it would probably take only 15 minutes. Perhaps 15 minutes of his time would be well spent for the safety of everyone passing that intersection.

On another note, Larry Benson is right on, as usual and his facts are correct (“What are conservatives trying to conserve anyway?” published Aug. 31). What indeed are conservatives trying to conserve? From my point of view, all they have recently done is cause a huge upheaval in our way of life and are endangering democracy by not facing some truths about Trump and his army of right-wing radicals. That question baffles me as well, almost every day.

Dennie Anderson