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Crimes by illegal immigrants are 100 percent preventable

Shannon’s column told it like it is.

How refreshing it was to read an article which tells it like it is and cuts through the propaganda pervasively creeping into every aspect of our American way of life (“A White Elephant problem,” published Sept. 8). Dan Shannon’s last article was not only entertaining to read but was informative and factually based. ICE, FBI and Custom and Border Patrol (CBP) reports for 2018 and the information provided show that it was directly taken from the original reports. The reports are hard to find but they are there if you are willing to dig. I cannot fathom how anyone believes our country is better off by allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal border crossings each month. Each and every crime which takes place on our American soil by someone who is not legally here is preventive. It’s this simple: if you are not here you cannot commit a crime. Border crossers are not vetted; they are not vaccinated and they are not required to be vaccinated by our government while Americans face losing their jobs if they are not vaccinated. According to the Washington Post, authorities detained more than 200,000 people illegally crossing the border for the single month of August 2021. This is quadruple the number from one year prior for August 2020, according to the CPB.

Gasoline prices are rising entirely too fast. Gas prices on average have gone up $1.25 a gallon in one year. Closing American pipeline projects has resulted in higher prices and forcing the importation of oil rather than being energy sufficient. Are Americans better off when we have to depend on foreign imported oil? I don’t think so.

I read somewhere that someone claimed that the Billions of high tech weaponry left behind when we left Americans behind in Kabul belonged to the Afghanistan Army and therefore it was okay to leave it behind for the Taliban (a suppressor of women and the enemy of democracy). It’s simply not okay to allow them to take possession of and use it to retain power. Who do you think paid for that weaponry? The American taxpayer paid for it. Would the United States have given it to the Taliban? No, I don’t think so and so it should have been destroyed or made inoperable and it was a grave mistake to leave it behind operationally to enable the Taliban and use the weapons we paid for as a means to stay in power and suppress their own citizens. In fact, there are photos of the Taliban carrying the same weapons used by U.S. Special Forces and driving around in American-provided Humvees and Armored Personnel Carriers. There is even a photo of Taliban wearing American-made Desert uniforms raising the Taliban Flag in a photo mocking the United States Marines raising of the flag in Iwo Jima. I’m not sure how this all sits with most Americans, but this American is truly sickened by the failures and corruption we are constantly seeing from our leaders in government!

Andrew Mills


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