Dear kitten killer — grow up

Be responsible and get your animals spayed.

Shame, shame, shame on whoever dumped a litter of kittens in Rainier Trails approximately June 17. You know who you are.

What were you thinking? These kittens can not fend for themselves. Two have died. Instead of taking the responsibility for not having your female cat fixed, you heartlessly threw away these precious lives and made it someone else’s responsibility and heartbreak.

How could you? Get your cat spayed! Stop dumping helpless little lives to starve to death, or be hit by a car, or eaten by a raccoon, etc. In case you were unaware, starving to death is a particularly painful and gruesome death.

There are plenty of rescue places that will take kittens and puppies free of charge — King County Animal Control, King County Humane, Sunny Sky’s in Puyallup, to mention a few. Grow up and take responsibility for being an animal owner.

Dennie Anderson