Disappointed in Councilman Chevassus

It’s not right to support a business that put others’ health at risk.

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I was very dismayed to see the article regarding a GoFundMe for Mail Express (“GoFundMe arranged for Mail Express,” published Nov. 4), especially because it is being done by one of our elected council persons, Beau Chevassus.

This is basically rewarding this business for it’s disregard for the mask mandate. He claims this was discussed prior to the fine being assessed and is not political, so why wait until after that occurred? Why chose to do this for a business that has put its employees & customers at risk of illness or death? Why not do it for a struggling company in this community that has complied & kept it’s customers & employees safer?

It is neither sweet or responsible to put people at risk of this disease. If the owner loves the community, then they would not have chosen to disregard the mandate. Wearing masks is not that inconvenient, though uncomfortable for an entire day, I am sure. It is not a matter of being an unpaid employee of the state, as the owner previously stated, but rather a matter of caring more about your responsibility to the community than your own preferences or opinions.

While the article states the GoFundMe money can not be used to pay the fine, it certainly puts them in the position to be able to do so. Who is going to monitor that? It is Interesting the goal is exactly the amount of the fine.

It is obvious that there were more than likely several complaints from customers, and perhaps employees as well, or there would have been no fine.

I repeat, I will not set foot in this business again, and I certainly will not be contributing to this GoFundMe.

Dennie Anderson


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