Do what you can to support BLM

If you’re at all angry, join us. We need your support.

Mr. George Floyd lost his life over $20.

A police officer put his knee on this man’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds while he cried for his mother.

I grew up with racist parents, I have spent years trying to unlearn what I was taught and I still realize things I say are racist. I want to be better, I want to help my brothers and sisters of color. This last week has been spent by members of our community fighting about whether riots and looting are wrong until a young person asked our community Facebook page a simple question. “How can we help our black community?”

Last time I checked there were over 300 comments. The responses were very touching. “Love them.” “Have a conversation with us.” “Stop treating us like the enemy.” “I promise to raise my children to stand up with yours.” “Please just listen.” “Choose my children to be friends with.”

Not long after this question was asked a memorial for Mr. Floyd went up downtown and I’ve very much enjoyed watching it grow. However I am afraid someone in this community might destroy it.

People keep asking why all of this is happening, but the truth is this isn’t anything new. People have protested for years; it lasts a few months and the majority of them go quietly back into their houses until the next time something happens. I think people are finally done doing that, I think they are done giving up. Each state needs to come up with a way to end police brutality and injustice. If you don’t want to go out there and protest write to your people in office, sign petitions, donate money to places fighting for change, just please do something.

Seth Gallo


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Do what you can to support BLM

If you’re at all angry, join us. We need your support.

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