Don’t disturb Mt. Peak’s ecosystem

This is a fragile place that needs protection.

Editor’s note: This letter is in reference to “A little off the top — King County proposes Mt. Peak tree cutting for view of Enumclaw, Rainier”, published June 15.

Like many Enumclaw residents, I have hiked both Mt. Peak trails regularly for 25-plus years.

When I hike in this incredibly beautiful pristine forest, it simply calms my sole, each and every time I hike. No matter what sort of stressful day I have had at work, after reaching the summit, I feel like a million bucks! This park is a very special place, “a Northwest gem”, if you will. Please do not disturb this fragile ecosystem.

Us locals know that if you want to view Mount Rainier, you simply find the table rock which is just off the south summit trail. There is absolutely no need to remove trees of any kind.

Gary Protto