Elfers’ opinion on Trump saga are based on fact

Don’t make assertions you can’t back up.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “Alternate opinions on impeachment,” published Jan. 22, 2019.

Robert Wittner “restates” that Rich Elfers’ column is opinion and, while that may be true, he seems to base his opinion on the facts at hand. Some of those facts include the Mueller reports findings of at least 10 examples of obstruction of justice that, were it not for him being president, he would most likely be indicted for. Recently, the GAO (Government Accountability Office), a non-partisan office of the federal government, determined that Trump broke the law by withholding funding to Ukraine that had already been approved by Congress (abuse of power).

As to the bullying charge, I can only wonder if Mr. Wittner watched any of Trump’s campaign rallies where he told his supporters to beat up protesters, take their coat and throw them out in the cold and that he would pay for their legal defense, or the time when he mocked a disabled reporter on national television. While this was before he was elected, it certainly gave us all a window into the man himself. He constantly comes up with derisive names for his opponents and uses them disparagingly, a classic bullying tactic.

While Mr. Wittner seems to make light of Mr. Elfers’ “opinion,” all he offers in rebuttal are his opinions and beliefs with absolutely no corroborating evidence whatsoever. I could go on with my opinion of the man currently occupying the White House, mostly based on verifiable facts, but that would probably put this letter way over the 500 word limit that the paper puts on these letters.

Larry Benson


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