Evidence of Democratic violence

It’s the political left that’s been violent these last few years — not the right.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but read Mr. Elfers’ opinion piece on “trending terms” (“Trending terms gain traction due to social fear and insecurity”, published March 10) and not laugh. I’ve never seen such a weak attempt to justify left wing violence against Trump supporters and society in general through the use of Urban Dictionary-defined terms (seriously?).

For example, “Trump and the right have effectively used Antifa’s actions to divert attention away from right wing intolerance and hatred.”

What intolerance and hatred? Because all I saw in 2020 was black-clad leftist cowards and BLM “extremists” trying to burn down small businesses, courthouses, occupied condominium complexes, and cars. They looted name-brand stores (nothing says social justice like a 50” Panasonic, right?), assaulted anyone with a red hat, threw frozen water bottles and molotov cocktails at cops, shot and killed shop owners trying to protect their businesses from being destroyed, showed up at elected officials place of residence or at restaurants and yelled threats, stopped traffic to the point where ambulances couldn’t continue to the location of a call, blocked the entrances to hospitals, and barricaded several blocks of major cities to create their own dystopia utopia, thus installing mini-fascist regimes with checkpoints, borders, ID checks (I hope they weren’t trying to vote!) and a few guards armed with those darn hellfire-spittin-it-looks-like-a-mean-and-evil-military-grade-weapon-AR-15s!

I mean, any “rational observer” would think this having watched at least 5 minutes of a video, right?

How about elected officials and prominent Democrats calling for violence against Trump and his supporters?

In 2018, Ted Lieu (D) said there would be “widespread civil unrest…” and “…take to the streets,” if Trump fired Mueller.

In 2018, Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker (D) said, “Please, get up in the face of some Congress people.” Hey, at least he was gender inclusive, hmm? Ask Rand Paul about this.

In 2020, failed-again-Hillary Clinton said, “you can’t be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” Yea. Who needs civility anyway?

“When they go low, we go high. No. No. When they go low we kick them.” – Eric Holder. Yay violence!

In 2019, Julian Castro (D) said that Democrats would, “fight him (Trump) in the streets,” with regard to a potential National Emergency over a government shutdown. I’m sure he meant “mostly peaceful protests”, right, CNN?

And my favorite, Senator Jon Tester (D), saying that when taking on Trump, you have to “punch him in the face”. Oh boy!

Are these the types of intolerance and hatred you were talking about? Or is it different? I’m going to give you some advice, Rich: Look in the mirror. I think you’ll see a member of a party that is on the verge of becoming a socialist haven and quasi-communist party and no longer representative of the blue collar Democrats of the 1980s. Continue on with your silence, ignorance, and shoulder-shrugging while your party chips at the at the First Amendment by using the proxy army comprised of technoligarchs.

Just remember, power shifts in this country and laws tend to stay the same.

M. James Conway