Expand the CTC to all low-income families

More and more children are going into poverty — we have the means to prevent that.

We all know families that are struggling to make ends meet right now. You may be one of them. Tax season is upon us and low-income families face another year without the full Child Tax Credit.

In 2021, Congress expanded the Child Tax Credit to all low-income families and sent it to them in monthly payments. Child poverty immediately plummeted and parents finally had the freedom and flexibility to cover rent, food, and utilities when they needed it most – monthly bill time.

But 51 senators let the payments expire in December 2021. Now that progress has all but disappeared. Child poverty has increased, parents can’t afford childcare, and millions still struggle to afford basic necessities.

We have the solution to child poverty. A lack of political will in Congress is the only thing stopping us from doing it.

Our representatives and senators have the power to make this right. If Congress passes tax legislation this year, an expansion of the CTC to all low-income families – with monthly payments – must be in it.

Amber Walker

Lake Tapps