Georgia’s new voting laws not racist

Or, if they are, then Coca Cola and Delta are also racist.

It’s that pesky time of the week, where we get to examine the other side of the coin. For those who are the recipient of doctrine espoused by the Democratic Party Media Outlet (CNN, MSNBC,CBS) — the topic? The Georgia Voter Protection Law.

The President of the United States stared at the cameras and lied — told America how sick and “Jim Crow” the law was. Or at least his handlers told him it was sick.

The Voter Protection law expands the hours that the voting booths are open, allowing 17 days of early voting.

The media says over and over again that the law tortures Black voters standing in line by denying them food or water, but having a person handing out water bottles with Joe’s face, next to the voting booth, is campaigning. You can’t do it within 150 feet of the polling location. It’s the law in most states. You can bring your own water, or the poll workers can hand out water.

But the ultimate evil? Demanding that voters actually have a form of ID or a utility bill, or the last four digits of their Social Security number to prove who they are. The progressives who want massive mail-in votes sent in say that disenfranchises the Black vote. If I was Black or Hispanic, I would be greatly offended if I was told, that I couldn’t figure out how to get hold of a ID or a utility bill. To get a prescription, to buy cigarettes, to buy alcohol takes an ID.

To punish Georgia for implementing this law? The local Headquarters for Coke and Delta were all coerced to bring their weight against the law, and the MLB announced they were pulling their All-Star Game in Atlanta, because Georgia was racist!

This just in! Coca Cola was just discovered to be racist! Their stockholder’s meeting is on April 20th! You have to show ID to get admittance! The horrors!

Delta Airlines has racist beliefs! Disenfranchising minorities, Delta requires an ID to board their planes!

MLB makes it impossible for minorities to attend their events! If you order tickets in advance, and pick them up at the will call ticket booth, you have to show an ID! Racists!

The worst piece of legislation of all time is that HR 1 Bill. That law federalizes all state voting rules under its mandates. It allows for same day registration, so I can show up, register, vote, and then go to the next town and do it again. Showing ID would be racist. Multiple ballots sent to your house? Send them all in. You would now be able to legally go door to door and collect your neighbors ballots and helpfully turn them in for them — ballot harvesting (what could go wrong with that?)

This voting bill is more helpful for minorities to vote than Biden’s home state of Delaware. Let’s cut the drama.

David Cannon