Goodbye, Mr. Cannon

We disagreed on pretty much everything.

First of all, two things I am very thankful for, 1) this was David Cannon’s last column (“You might be a conservative if…” published June 15), although I have loved poking his unfounded assumptions full of holes and, 2) that he is leaving the Enumclaw area as I feel no need for people who base all of their opinions on beliefs rather than facts.

His last column is no exception, unfortunately, this paper will not give me the room in a letter to the editor to refute all of his false assumptions regarding what makes a person a “conservative” but I surely could if I had the space, so I will just site a few of his most glaring misconceptions.

Many, if not most, liberals/progressives believe in God, country and family.

It is not a “belief” but a well established fact that male and female parts do indeed get mixed up with male and female hormones, genes and psyches.

Most, if not all liberals/progressives believe in family exactly the same as you do, David.

While most, if not all liberals/progressives believe that America is one of the best places to live, we also believe that we have several serious problems that should be addressed, mostly caused by conservatives.

As I said, I don’t have room to refute all of his claims — suffice it to say they are almost all total B.S. I think I do have room for the most egregious of his claims regarding “socialism”: Every democratically-governed country on the planet practices Democratic Socialism, including our own. Any service or other need that individuals cannot provide for themselves that are provided by our government, infrastructure, defense, fire protection, police etc., are forms of socialism. No country could exist without it. I can’t believe I have to keep repeating this.

Side note for Harold Borland (“Electric cars not a real solution to climate change,” published June 15), while climate change has always existed, the planet hasn’t warmed this quickly in over 66 billion years, look it up.

Larry Benson