Guns don’t kill: people that use them do


This letter is in response to Daniel Hussein Scribner’s diatribe in the Dec. 14 edition of The Courier-Herald. I feel Mr. Scribner’s anger in regards to the tragic loss of five police officers due to gun violence. We all feel a loss and one more piece of innocence lost when someone who is sworn to protect the public is murdered.

However, Mr. Scribner’s anger is misdirected. Instead of directing it at the two suspects, where it should be directed, it is directed at guns, the Second Amendment and people that have guns for protection (people that he so cutely refers to as “gunnies”). Mr. Scribner, you can pile a stack of 1,000 guns that are loaded and ready to fire in the intersection of Cole and Griffin, in downtown Enumclaw, then march 2,000 people around that stack of ready to fire guns, and not a single gun will get up and shoot anybody.

Mr. Scribner, your thoughts and reasoning about guns is one reason I say that liberalism is a mental disorder. So when you say that the only way to use guns for protection is to have the gun locked and loaded and pointed in all directions 24 hours a day. It just doesn’t pass the logic test. That is a warped line of logic which is quite fitting for a liberal. That line of reasoning simply isn’t true and anyone with a half a brain that isn’t insane can see that. My proof to refute your line of logic is easy. Ask the 1000s of officers who have used their firearms in the course of their duties to shoot someone in defense of themselves or someone else. Those officers were probably minding their own business with their weapons in their holster (not pointed in all directions) when they came across a dirt bag criminal who pulls a weapon. The officer pulls his or her weapon and shoots bad guy before the bad guy could shoot the officer or someone else (self defense). That isn’t anecdotal evidence. The greatest evidence though, Mr. Daniel Hussein Scribner, is the tens of thousands of private citizens, sitting at home, watching TV or sleeping, then discovering a dirt bag criminal breaking into their residence. The homeowner, not having his firearm locked, loaded and pointed in all directions, gets his or her firearm from the bedroom, addresses the threat and puts a few lead pills into the intruder and either kills them dead or chases them off. Tens of thousands of cases of self-defense where a firearm was used and the firearm was not pointed in all directions. Despite the evidence, Mr. Scribner will brush it off as anecdotal. This is where my belief that liberalism is a mental disorder is further strengthened. Their thought process and lines of logic despite the evidence just frightens me sometimes.

Mr. Daniel Hussein Scribner, your desire to have a middle name that matches a murderous dictator like Saddam Hussein is allowed. This is America and we have a Constitution that allows certain freeedoms like gun ownership, freedom of speech and freedom to be an idiot. However, let me make some recommendations for a middle name that might even be more appropriate for a hard core fascist, excuse me, liberal such as yourself. How about Daniel Adolph Scribner. Or, Daniel Stalin Scribner. Or, Daniel Fidel Scribner. Here is a goody, Daniel Che Gueverra Scribner. After all, gun control worked for all these fascist, murderous dictators because they were all able to kill millions of innocent people en route to their bloody ends without threat of rebellion. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Peace out.

J. Buss


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