‘How long must we sing this song’

We denounce what happened at the recent school board meeting.

Monday, Nov. 21 is a day to mourn in our city of Enumclaw. That is the day a horrid incident at the Enumclaw School Board meeting occurred when a racist term was used in the meeting. When this incident became known, lyrics from the song by the group U2 came to mind. The lyrics are as follows:

I can’t believe the news today

Oh, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away

How long, how long must we sing this song?

How long? How long?

‘Cause tonight

We can be as one


If we in this community don’t denounce what occurred on this Enumclaw version, what will all our children continue to think? What will be passed along? It is time to end this hateful rhetoric and set examples of strength and unity. We, the Mayor and City Council Members condemn what occurred and the person and/or persons that conducted this act.

Some of our town pride died Monday night and whether it was a person in or outside our community it still reflects on this community on how we react to it. A stain that must be removed.

How long must we all sing this song? When will we all look within and say enough. When will we all step up and denounce what occurred on that Monday night. We decided now, not later to address hate and racism.

Mayor Jan Molinaro

Council Member Chance LaFleur

Council Member Hoke Overland

Council Member Anthony Wright

Council Member Kael Johnson

Council Member Corrie Koopman Frazier

Council Member Thomas Sauvageau