If George Floyd’s family got financial payments, so should his victims

Victims of 2007 home invasion deserve justice too

A contrarian view of the post-George Floyd era rests in the term “equity,” which appears often in recent news columns. One police officer convicted and three more await their trials.

The Floyd family received $27-plus million in compensation for their loss and suffering. Question: Why aren’t George Floyd’s victims given some financial payment from the $27 million for the suffering he and his associates inflicted on victims during his assaults, etc.? In 2007 Floyd, with five other individuals, initiated a home invasion robbery.

Floyd dressed as a water department employee while armed and forced his way into a residence — where the occupants were traumatized, of course. Don’t these innocent residents deserve compensation for their pain and suffering? Did he violate their rights to live unthreatened within their home? Or, is it a facet of “systemic black-on-black culture” that ignores and requires victims to tolerate such an invasion and the accompanying stressors? “Systemic racism” didn’t terrorize them, but Floyd and his crew surely did. Where is the “equity”?

George Terhaar