Intolerance isn’t limited to just one side

The political left has become zealously intolerant.

The article “Read, and reflect on freedom,” (Published Sept. 25, 2019) got me thinking about censorship in general.

Some people think it’s mainly overly zealous white Christians who squelch opinions with which they disagree (this was definitely true in the 1980s and 90s with all the Satanism hysteria), but these days the political left is a Thought Police force all its own – just look at the cancel culture of our media, universities, and even the public school system.

One word or opinion out of lockstep — from however long ago, with the goalposts continually moving — gets a person banned, fired, labeled as a bigot, and the like. The terms racist, sexist, homophobe, etc., have been cheapened by a society which cries wolf every time there’s a tweet it doesn’t like.

Whether from the right or the left, intolerant crackdowns can come from both sides… and it’s always annoying to the sane-minded middle.

Sabrina Littleton


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Intolerance isn’t limited to just one side

The political left has become zealously intolerant.