Letter to the Editor: Benson might be right — but belief in a Creator lends a moral compass we sorely need

Reader Mark Akers counters a recent letter about logic and belief.

Th Courier-Herald used the headline, “Belief without evidence is a dangerous thing” for Benson’s last letter. I think that summarized his letter well (published April 10).

What I feel he was oblivious to was that he was actually referring to his own belief system. He was kind enough to state to me the last time we spoke in person that he leans toward atheism, but is at least agnostic. (Benson, please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

Benson tries to characterize Christianity as “…something with no substantial evidence…”.

I beg to differ. I suggest anyone who thinks, after viewing the book Gray’s Anatomy, or an ant colony in action, any predator seeking prey, or considering how any species (plant or animal) reproduces the “…logical part of the brain…” (credit Benson) would be a bit skeptical that it is all the result of a “Big Bang”.

Darwin thought perhaps an animal adapted to his environment, as needed, to survive. So let’s think about it. What did humans evolve first? Eyes? Ears? A mouth and digestive system? (Hard to get along without a way to take in nourishment and eliminate waste, at least to “survive”.) Hands? Feet? How did we survive before those “adaptations” came to be? That’s quite a “belief system”. But hey, at least I’m being skeptical, so maybe I’m getting somewhere.

Or perhaps a more “dangerous” world view would be that a loving Creator knew that we would be best served if we had all of those tools at our disposal from the moment He created us!

From what I can gather Benson believes that all of creation from the farthest star to the smallest atom resulted from a “Big Bang”.

If this is true then I will have to agree with his main premise: Belief without evidence is a dangerous thing. A world without a moral compass leads to complete lawlessness. I’m afraid we are headed there in a hurry. Just sayn’.

Mark Akers